Das Beste für uns, ist das Beste für You.

Why we as a family decided to develop IAMSTR® Nutrition

IAMSTR® Nutrition contains both all our passion for and all our knowledge about training, body awareness and attitude to life.

As a family business and as parents, we have set ourselves a goal: to develop dietary supplements that meet our own, very high standards of quality.

We have learned from experience: change starts in the mind. With a conscious decision. To consciously take care of your own body. With conscious nutrition.

That is how the slogan for IAMSTR® Nutrition came about: Change starts from inside.

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Change starts
from inside.

With IAMSTR® Nutrition, we want to do the best we can for our own health as a family and for all those who have as much faith in the products as we do.

Although food is abundant in industrialised countries, more and more people’s supply of micronutrients is suboptimal (according to the ‘National Consumption Study II’ by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture).

One reason for this is that the nutrients in many varieties of fruits and vegetables are continuously decreasing.

This is due, among other things, to intensive agriculture, which leaches the soil, and early harvests, but also to long transport routes, long storage times and more cultivation in greenhouses.

In the production of IAMSTR® Nutrition, we prioritise the quality and purity of the ingredients, the highest possible bioavailability and the latest scientific findings.

Each ingredient is then carefully checked before we use it.

We have made every single product in such a manner that it supports you in the best possible way at the different stages of your journey.

Seyit Ali Shobeiri

‘I have been working as a health and fitness expert, personal trainer, motivational coach and author for more than 15 years.

If I’ve learned one thing along the way as an athlete and happy father, it is that health should not be taken for granted. To stay healthy in the long term, we need equilibrium, exercise, balanced nutrition and mental strength.

My ambition is and has always been to help people become better. To optimise themselves so that they can inspire those around them with their successes.’

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Stefania Lou

‘I am a personal trainer, wife and mother. For over ten years, I have been supporting women in achieving their goals, in person and online.

Whether as a mother, businessperson or professional athlete: there is a path to your destination in any everyday life. Finding that path is my passion and vocation.

I know from experience how important the right timing is. When it comes to exercise or dietary habits, but also for balance as a woman in modern life.

For us, IAMSTR® Nutrition is a family matter: what’s best for us is what’s best for our community.’

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