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Morning Routine | IAMSTR Nutrition

Wie du perfekt in den Tag startest

Each morning, how your day will go is in your hands. Our products help you to support your body in the best possible way.

With Morning Routine, Daily Balance, Key Protect and Magnesium Plus, you give your body what it needs after waking up and at the ideal time for absorption of the active ingredients.

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Ready to work out | IAMSTR Nutrition

Get ready for your training

Exercise is the most important element of getting your body in shape and keeping fit. It’s essential! With Ready to Work Out, you ensure that your muscles and joints are ideally prepared to give their best even before training starts.

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Regeneration | IAMSTR Nutrition

Zeit, dich zu regenerieren

You’ve had a great training session, given your all and exhausted yourself. Good job, that’s the way to make progress. Now help your body to make the best possible use of the training.

With Magnesium Plus and Protein Support or Vegan Protein Support, you can start regeneration and prevent aching muscles.

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Sleep Routine | IAMSTR Nutrition

Richtig gut schlafen!

How you sleep has a direct impact on your overall well-being. The better rested you are, the better you can perform. And the more you do during the day, the more important sleep is as time for regeneration.

With Relax & Sleep, we help you to fall asleep more quickly and renew the strength of your body.

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Trinkende Frau | IAMSTR Nutrition

Was uns antreibt.

Mit IAMSTR® Nutrition wollen wir dir helfen, deine Ziele zu erreichen. Darum entwickeln wir unsere Produkte nach den neuesten Erkenntnissen und in höchster Qualität.  

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Menschen | IAMSTR Nutrition

Developed by experts

All products are developed together with nutritional scientists and physicians.

Blatt | IAMSTR Nutrition

100% natural

We select natural raw ingredients and avoid additives.

Adler | IAMSTR Nutrition

Made in Germany

IAMSTR® Nutrition is developed and produced in Germany.

Dokument | IAMSTR Nutrition

Scientific basis

The products contain ingredients with evidence-based dosage and high bioavailability.